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Power Washing in the city of Toronto

Power washing is a great way to make the old look new again. Whether it’s a driveway, exterior walls, parking area, sidewalk, or storage area, power washing can tackle the problem head on. Power washing involves a high pressure spray of water that hits dirt and caked-on grime hard, removing it with force and precision.

At AA Fox Cleaning, we offer power washing services that use the latest and most efficient equipment to get your residential or commercial property looking great in no time. Our highly trained professionals are happy to take care of the dirty work while you relax and keep your worries to a minimum.

Increase your Home’s Value

Pressure washing is a great way to help your home look its absolute best, increasing its value on the real estate market. If you’re looking to sell your home any time in the near future, you’ll want to consider pressure washing to make it look as attractive to potential buyers as possible. Dirty driveways, exterior walls, and backyard decks are an eyesore to anyone looking to buy a home. Our power washing services will help to turn those eye sores into absolute eye candy!

Attract More Business

Just as pressure washing can make your home look great, it can do the same for your business. Much like dirty storefront windows, a dirty building exterior can deter people from entering your place of business in an instant. No matter how nice the inside of your commercial building is, dirt and grime on the outside will always be a negative.

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