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Window Cleaning in Toronto and the GTA

Whether they’re part of your home or your business, windows can make or break a building’s look. Dirty, grimy, and unkempt windows will always look unappealing from both the inside and outside of a building, you can count on it!

AA Fox Cleaning has been providing efficient and quality window cleaning in Toronto for over 10 years. We are committed to not only treating your windows well, but also treating YOU well! We will always provide professional and courteous service that is guaranteed to satisfy. Customer service is our main focus, and we understand that your time is valuable; this is why we will always get the job done quickly with minimum invasiveness and hassle.

Versatile Cleaning Service

Our window cleaning services include both residential and commercial windows, including low to mid-rise buildings with hard to reach windows that are prime spots for dirt and grime to build up. We also have high-rise cleaning services for commercial buildings that require a little more advanced techniques and equipment. Our highly-trained professionals are trained to meet and exceed industry standards and can handle any type of window with ease. Even the most challenging high-rise buildings are easily taken care of with our attention to detail when it comes to rigging situations, balconies, overhangs, multiple levels, all-glass facades, and unusually shaped windows.

Spring is in the air, so what better time than now to start cleaning the dirt and grime that may have built up on your windows over the winter? When you choose AA Fox Cleaning, you know you’re getting only the best window cleaning services available, and nothing less!

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